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How to troubleshoot Powerlink Control Bus when Powerlink Breaker or Breakers are not responding to control commands.

Breaker or Breakers of Powerlink G3 Panelboard are not responding to commands to turn on.   It has been verified that the Powerlink Controller is working.  Breakers will not change state.

Product Line:
Powerlink G3 Lighting Control System

Commercial Lighting


There are a variety of things to check to troubleshoot the breakers and control buses.  See steps below.

1.  Verify that the Powerlink Power Supply is functioning correctly.   CL1 and CL2 lights are both green.  See FA233358
2.  Verify that the breakers are in auto mode and breaker handle is in the ON position. See FA228072 
3.  Turn breaker OFF and then back ON while in the manual.
4.  Test several breakers on the Control Bus in question using Direct Breaker Control Command from the Powerlink Controller or LCS.  
5.  Verify that the TX, RX, and CPU lights on the Control bus are blinking.  Remove Trim and Deadfront in order to see these lights.   
  • If yes, then Control Bus is powered and communicating.  
  • If not, verify that the Control Bus is solidly connected to Power Supply, G3 Controller, Slave Address Selector, or Crossover cable.  Disconnect and visually insect each of these devices.   Reconnect each one making sure that they are solidly connected.   If this the control bus lights do not start blinking at this point, replace the control bus.  
6.  If the panel is a Slave Panel, verify that the Slave Address selector is set to the correctly.  Verify that no 2 Slave Address Selectors are set to the same number.  
7.  If the panel is a Slave Panel, verify that it is properly wired to the other Slave Panels and Master Panel.  Verify the slave panels are wired in series (no T-tap wiring) and that the distance between the Master Panel and last slave panel is less than 400 feet.  Ask about Powered slave options if panel distance is farther then 400 feet. Disconnect additional panel or panels to isolate panel in question during testing.
8.  If a BACnet BMS is used maker sure that they are not holding the breaker in the current position.
9. Test voltage on the breaker mounting lug to confirm voltage. Manually override breaker and test voltage on load side of the breaker. If no voltage is present on either test fix panel wiring issue and retest. 
10.  If only one breaker on a bus is not working, try installing another breaker in that position on the control bus.   Isolate whether the problem lies with the breaker or the control bus.  

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