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Instructions to replace the control buses on a Powerlink G3 panel

What are the steps to replace Powerlink Control Buses?

Product Line:
Powerlink Lighting Panelboard
NF Panelboard

Commercial Lighting Panelboard

One may need to replace Powerlink Control Bus due to damage or defect in the device.

The Powerlink Control Bus is bolted to the Panelboard Interior Rails by 2 3 Roberts/Flat Combo Screws.   Follow the steps below.

1.   Shut off the Mains power feeding the panel.
2.  Disconnect each ECB branch breaker from the control bus dislodging the low voltage connection between the control bus and breaker.   Leave the breakers connected to the power buses.
3.  Remove 4 breakers that cover the mounting screws of the control bus.  See table below for the appropriate breakers depending on the length of the bus.
4.  Remove the control bus mounting screws and pivot the control bus off of the breaker interior rail.
5.  Slide the old control bus out of the panel and install the new control bus.
6.  Reinstall the 4 breakers removed and push all of the other breakers onto the new control bus.  

Breakers to Remove for 21 Breaker Control Bus
Left Control Bus:  5, 7, 29, 31
Right Control Bus:  6,8, 30, 32

Breakers to Remove for 18 Breaker Control Bus
Left Control Bus:  5, 7, 23, 25
Right Control Bus:  6,8, 24, 26

Breakers to Remove for 12 Breaker Control Bus
Left Control Bus:  5, 7, 11, 13
Right Control Bus:  6,8, 12, 14
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