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Is there a guard for the 22 mm non trigger action emergency stop operators?

Need to guard a 22 mm push button that is not trigger action, such as the XB4BT42, XB4BS542, XB4BS142, XB5AT42, XB5AT542, and XB5AS142, there are not listed guards for these.

Product Line:
22 mm XB4 and XB5 emergency stop push buttons

22 mm emergency stop push buttons

Need to guard a 22 mm emergency stop push button that is not trigger action
We can use the standard metal guards that we use for the trigger action emergency stops.
Because the trigger action emergency stop is 5 mm taller than the non-trigger action devices the padlock function will not work but they can still be used to guard the emergency stop operator.
A ZBZ1600 can be used for the chromium plated guard, ZBZ1602 for a black guard, ZBZ1604 for red, ZBZ1605 for yellow, and ZBZ1606 for blue.

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