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How do you set up the Bluetooth dongle to work with the ATV61/ATV71 drives?

How do you set up the Bluetooth dongle to work with the ATV61/ATV71 drives?
Product Line:
Altivar ATV61
Set up information getting the bluetooth device to work on the ATV61/71 drives.
The new Bluetooth device part number is TCSWAAC13FB
Plug the Bluetooth device into the Drives modbus or HMI port.
Click on your bluetooth icon to search for new devices.   Once it finds your SE bluetooth device click next.   
You will be prompted to enter you pass code   enter 6699 enter
Once the software loads for the dongle  you can double click the new BT device icon and look under the hardware tab and you will see the com port setting you will need to add to SoMove lite.

Open SoMove lite
Edit connection
Choose Bluetooth connection
Choose the drop down to access your com port that the BT device was assigned to.
Now you can test.

See the attachment for more assistance.

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