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What torque is require for the lugs provided in a D325NTR, Series E1 safety switch?


Product Line:
General Duty Safety Switch

400A, NEMA 3R, Series E1

Torque requirements

The LINE, LOAD and NEUTRAL lugs that are provided in the D325NTR, Series E1 safety switch are suitable for use with either (1) #1 AWG - 600 KCMIL or (2) #1/0 AWG - 250 KCMIL wires. However, the available wire bending space provided in the switch restricts the use to (2) #1/0 AWG - 250 KCMIL. When using this configuration, the wire binding screw should be torqued to 340 Lb- In. The service ground lug is suitable for (1) #1 - 4/0 AWG conductor and should be torqued to 180 Lb-In. This information is documented on the wiring diagram of the switch, which is located on the rear of the front cover.
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