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What TCP ports are needed to enable Scada or PowerSCADA Expert web client to communicate with Server?

Product Line
Scada 7.x, PSE 7.4

Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7.


Below is a table describing the different default port configurations and well as difference between PSE 7.4 and earlier versions of software.
Note: Legacy Ports indicate ports in Scada 7.2 and earlier. If it shows N/A, use the default port. 



From SCADA version 7.30, a 'server advise' connection is needed between SCADA web client and Alarm server. This connection is an OPC A&E connection, and it is used by the Alarm server to send Alarm notifications to the SCADA clients. By default, the ports range for that Alarm 'server advise' connection is 5500 to 5509. This means that the Alarm server needs to be able to create TCP connections to the SCADA WebClient ports 5500 to 5509. Therefore, the router on the SCADA server side needs to be configured to allow outbound connections on ports 5500-5509 to any web client machines. Moreover, the router on the Web Client side needs to be configured to allow inbound connection on port 5500 to 5509 from the SCADA Alarm server machines.

Second Note:
I you check and the Firewall on the Server is turned off you will need to check if the Server or Remote PC has any Anti Virus program running, if so you will need to ensure that the firewall for the Anti Virus Program is setup to allow traffic for the ports in this article as well.

To verify the default settings are being used refer to the following screen.  If you see any numbers in these blocks then those are the port numbers that need to be open in the firewall and/router.


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