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How to program an ATV312 for PID control?

How to program ATV312 for PID control?

Product Line:
ATV312 Altivar 312

All models

Activating PID control

Several factory default functions are incompatible with PI control.
Unassign summing inputs:
FUn - SA1 - SA2 = nO
FUn - SA1 - SA3 = nO
Unassign preset speeds:
FUn - PSS - PS4 = nO
FUn - PSS - PS2 = nO

Set PI parameters:
FUn - PI - PIF = AIx where x is the analog input for the PID feedback
FUn - PI - PII = YES for internal setpoint adjustment
FUn - PI - rPI = reference setpoint as a % of the feedback full range

Also consider:
FUn - PI - PIC = YES to reverse the PID correction so that a low feedback results in a slower VFD speed to correct
Sleep/Wake function by setting SEt - tLS = low speed timeout and PI - rSL = wake threshold

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