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What is the sequence to charge and close of a Bolt Loc Bolted pressure Switch (BPO)?

What is the sequence to charge and close of a Bolted pressure Switch (BPO)?

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Bolt loc Bolted Pressure BP Switch


Resetting BP switch

It will take about 200 lbs of force to take handle in 12 o'clock position, Counter clock wise  to the 9 O'clock position, this will charge the closing spring. After a Click is heard at the 9 O'clock position,
rotate the handle Clockwise to 3 O'clock, very little resistance should be felt, as Closing spring has been charged. When at the 3 O'clock position, take the handle Counter clockwise to 12 O'clock, again handle is in the vertical position. Go to the smaller trip handle and rotate it Clockwise to the 12 O'clock position , the Switch should then close. One thing to remember is that the handle can be mounted at either 3, 6 ,9 or 12 o'clock positions. If the handle is at one of these positions, then rotate handle approximately 75 degress Counterclockwise, then back clockwise to the original position. If the handle ISN'T at the 3,6,9, or 12 O'clock position it is likely in the half charged position, in which you would rotate handle clockwise until the switch closes



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