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XW AGS / Intermittent starting-stopping generator using Type 14

XW AGS not starting/stopping generator reliably using Type 14

Product Line:
Conext AGS

XW/XW+ or CSW installations with the Conext AGS. 

After the generator is turned off by the AGS, the AGS cannot start the generator again for a set amount of time.  By default, Type 14 has a 600 second generator spin down setting.  The Generator Spin Down settings is meant to let the generator have time to stop spinning before it is allowed to start again.  Since Type 14 is not monitoring a run signal, the AGS does not know for sure that the generator is actually running or not. 

If customer has intermittent behavior with AGS and is using Type 14, have customer navigate to AGS Advanced Settings>Cfg Gen and reduce gen spin-down to something more manageable (10 secs). This usually becomes evident upon initial setup, when customer is testing manual on/off functionality.

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