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Difference between XALK194H7 and XALK198H7

What is difference between XALK194H7 and XALK198H7

Product Line:
Harmony Control Stations

US product

XALK198H7 is listed as replacement for obsolete XALK194H7

The XALK198H7 uses a 22mm trigger action push/pull operator (ZB5AT84) whereas the XALK194H7 used a 22mm non-trigger action type (ZB5AT4).  The 22mm non-trigger action emergency stop/off operators have been obsoleted along with their associated preassembled components.  Practically, both switches are identical in function.  The ZB5AT84 trigger action is longer than the ZB5AT4 non-trigger action by 5mm measured from the front of the enclosure to the front of the button.

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