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How do you set up the ATV32 drive to ramp stop using CANOpen commands?

Setting up the ATV32 to ramp stop using CANopen control.

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Needs the drive to ramp stop when they write to the CMD word using CANopen control.

If the ATV32 is set up for DSP402 Profile mode or CHCF is not separate or separate. Using Somove lite they can check the DOTD setting to see if its set to freewheel or Ramp stop The default should be ramp stop. In this mode you can ramp stop by writing a Dec 7 or hex 7 to the CMD command word 8501 to stop. Writing a Dec 6 or Hex 6 to the CMD word 8501 will put it in NST or freewheel stop mode.

If you do not have SoMove lite you can read the DOTD value in CanOpen 2038/35 1= ramp stop and 0 = freewheel stop

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