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Wiser Thermostat will not operate air conditioning.

Wiser Thermostat will not operate air conditioning.    In some special cases, it is possible that thermostat worked in the winter time for heat mode.  When homeowner wanted to switch on the air condition in early summer, the air conditioning would not work.

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System
EER56000,  EER56100 EER58000

Residential HVAC Systems

Wiser Thermostats EER56000 and EER56100 are able to operate without connecting the 24 VAC Common wire through a method called "power stealing."   Power stealing is somtimes unreliable and may cause unpredictable behavior in the HVAC systems.

It is best to not use Power Stealing mode on the thermostat.   Ensure that the thermostat is wired correctly and the Common wire (typcially blue) is properly connected on the both the thermostat and in the furnace.   The blue common wire is not needed by many thermostats, especially older mechanical thermostat.   Thus, if the Wiser thermostat was installed as a retrofit, replacing an existing thermostat it is common that he blue common wire is overlooked.   

EER58000 thermstat is not capable of power stealing at all.  If the blue common wire is not connected, then this thermostat will not function.

If there is no spare blue wire avaliable in the wall between the thermostat and the furnace, one can use one of the "Add-a-Wire" devices to make the HVAC system operate correctly.   For the EER56xxx thermostats, one can use either the EER57100 or  EER59000 devices.   Do not use the EER57100 device with the EER58000 thermostat,   The EER58000 is only compatible with the EER59000 device.

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