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Can a Phase converter be used with ATV61 or ATV71?

Can a Phase converter be used with ATV61 or ATV71 VFDs?

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71

All range, All serial number

Need 3-Phase power for the drive but only 1-Phase power is available

We do not recommend using Add-A-Phase converters in front of the VFDs. The Phase converters require a motor load to create the 3rd phase. However, there are other types of Rotary Phase Converts with Voltage balancing capabilities available that do work with VFDs. They already have a motor inside to create the 3rd phase. It is best to consult with the Phase Converter manufacturer to select the proper converter for the VFD and application. Besides this option, there are other solutions available as well such as Single Phase input Drives. The HP range, however, is limited. Customer needs to consult the local Filed Office or the local PAE to discuss the application if it is beyond the standard published offering.

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