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ATV312 How do I set a logic output to be maintained at above a certain frequency level?

Require a feedback signal indicating the drive has reached designated speed, such as High Speed. 

Product Line:
ATV312, Altivar 312

All models

No specific instructions on how to set this up.

Under the Inputs / Outputs CFG menu, select Analog/logic output and assign to Frq Limit.  (I-O- > d0 > FtA). 
If AO1t is assigned to 10U the output is 10VDC from AOV and COM terminals.  If AO1t is assigned to 4A or 0A, the output is 24VDC. 

Alternatively, the R2 relay can be used.  Set R2 assignment Freq th. att. (I-O- > r2 > FtA). 

Under the Settings menu, adjust Freq Threshold to desired frequency (SEt- > Ftd)

When the drive output speed reaches the Ftd setting, the relay or digital output will energize and stay energized as long as the speed is at, or above the Ftd setting. 
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