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How do I troubleshoot a residential EV charging station, EV230WS?

An EV station is showing a detected fault indicator lamp lit.

Product Line:
PTEVC - Electrical Vehicle

Residential products

A fault has been detected by the charging station

The EVlink charging station detects several different types of faults.  For residential (indoor) rated stations, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) has 8 LED segments.  Each of these segments, when lit red, indicates a different detected fault.  Many conditions can be reset by powering the unit off by turning off the supplying 40A circuit breaker.
Residential HMI Showing Segment 1 Detected Fault Lit
EVlink Detected Faults
Residential Detected Fault Action
Segment 1  CCID system error Call 888-778-2733, Option 1, Option 1, Option 6
Segment 2  Supply voltage error  Same as 1
Segment 3  Main contact error (1)  Same as 1
Segment 4  Main contact error (2)  Same as 1
Segment 5  Vehicle requesting ventilation  Same as 1
Segment 6  Invalid pilot state  Same as 1
Segment 7 Ground fault detected  Unplug/re-plug vehicle
Segment 8 Supply side ground not connected properly Wait for automatic reset or unplug/re-plug vehicle

More information on Schneider Electric Electric Vehicle Charging Stations can be found here.

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