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F57 / F58 / FET Over Temp Fault

Inverter Shows F57 or F58 , FET over temperature warning / fault

Product Line:
Conext XW+, XW

Overtemp issues are usually related to the fan either not working, or foam filter is dirty/obstructed. 

1. Please ensure complete isolation of DC and AC Power on the XW (Turn off all disconnects and verify no voltage)
2. Remove the Battery cables and the Netowork cable shield for clear access of the Fan Cover / Mesh
3. Remove the Cover/Mesh (unscrew the 4 screws). It might be a good idea to clean the mesh.
4. Now remove the Fan screws.
5. Disconnect the Fan power from the Network / Fan Control Board
6. Replace the fan.

Fan issue , Dirty air filter, Clearance issue
Note: Part # for fan :100-0639-01-01.

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