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Explanation of the Load Shave Function


Definition of Load Shave Function and What is Load Shave Amps ? 

Product Line:

XW, Conext XW+, Conext SW


Conext XW and SW Series Inverters/Chargers


Load Shave - When ENABLED, allows you to use the BATTERIES to support your loads, therefore limiting your dependence on the UTILITY.

Load Shave Amps (AC value) - This value is the maximum current you can draw from the UTILITY. 
Example - Load is 10 Amps, Load Shave Amps is set to 6A. Therefore the remaining 4Amp will come via your batteries.

It does not mean that you will never buy any power from the grid if you set Load Shave Amps to 0A, The XW will always draw like 1A from the grid to maintain a buffer. This is to prevent illegal sell, when sell is not selected.

Load shave only happens when Battery voltage is below Grid Support Volts

In the XW+,  the Load Shave uses the following rules:
If the batteries reach Recharge Volts + 0.5 - The XW+ will go into AC Pass Thru
If the batteries reach LBCO + 1V - The XW will start a new charge cycle (**CHARGER must be enabled)

For the legacy XW with firmware up to v1.07 and the Conext SW, the device will follow the rules below:
If Batteries reach LBCO + 2V - The XW/CSW will go into AC Pass Thru
If Batteries reach LBCO + 1V - The XW/CSW will start a new charge cycle (**CHARGER must be enabled)

During Load Shave, the Recharge Volt Function is not applicable

For continuous Load Shave, ensure Load Shave Start = Load Shave Stop


Additional information can be found in solution #1247

Customer must always be warned about the potential of compromised batteries if Load Shave is not applied with due respect to other factors.
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