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Combox Modbus Support.


What kind of modbus support for Xanbus devices does the Combox offer?


Conext Combox with any of the following:

 Conext SW
 XW Hybrid Inverter / Charger
 XW Automatic Generator Start
 XW MPPT 60 150
 Single-phase Grid-Tie/TX
 XW System Control Panel
 XW MPPT 80 600


- The combox supports a set of read/write commands to the above xanbus devices. These commands are attached in the document ''. Some listed commands are for future use and are not currently implemented
- The combox offers Modbus support through RS-485 or Ethernet/TCP (port502)
- Note that the combox does not proxy modbus addresses like the Wireless Gateway. Xanbus devices can now be addressed directly
- Assigned modbus addresses for atttached supported xanbus devices are listed in the combox SETUP section - MODBUS ADDRESS LIST


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