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XW installation in country with 120-240V / 50Hz grid, example Jamaica

How do we set up the XW/XW+ to be used in a country with 120-240V / 50Hz utility

Product Line:
Conext XW, Conext XW+

XW Inverters / Chargers

1. Reduce AC1 Low Freq setting to below the 55Hz (default), you could bring it down to the lowest which is 44Hz - This can be done easily on the System Control Panel - under Inverter Advance Settings 
2. Acquire the Xanbus Diagnostic Tool or the Conext Configuration Tool.  The former is now discontinued, and the part number for the latter is 865-1155-01.  Using these tools, the customer will be able to connect directly to Xanbus using a computer.  They will also needs the Conext Configuration Tool AI software.  The software can be found in the Firmware section.

Once setup following these instructions
a. Open Conext Configuration Tool AI
b. Open the XW that will have its frequency changed
c. Click on configure
d. Open Inverter
e. Open Inverter Output
f. Acknowledge warning, and input password "xantrex"
g. Change frequency to 50
e. Click update.

The XW/XW+ is sometimes used in countries such as Jamaica that have a 120-240V / 50Hz utility.  The NA versions of the XW/XW+ units are configured for 60Hz from the factory.

It is NOT a good idea to change the AC input acceptance and keep the output frequency the same. This will cause your loads to behave very different, when the inverter goes from AC PASS THRU to BACKUP mode. It is possible that you may damage some of your loads.

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