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XW Battery Level LEDs

Customers want to know how to interpret battery state of charge as reported by the battery level LEDs on the XW user interface

Product Line:
XW Hybrid Inverter Charger, Conext XW+

All XW and XW+ installations.

XW User Interface ? Battery Level  LED interpretation
Number of LEDs Corresponding Level Minimum Voltage Maximum Voltage
Five 100% 52.4V ----
Four 80% 50.8V 52.4V
Three 60% 49.2V 50.8V
Two 40% 47.6V 49.2V
One 20% 46.0V 47.6V
Zero 0% ---- 46.0V

Note: Voltages divided by 2 for a 24V system

LED indicator is controlled strictly by battery voltage. Under a heavy load, it may appear the state of charge is lower than actual (battery voltage is "pulled down" proportional to load demand).  State of charge (using battery voltage alone) can only be determined under no load conditions.  The true state of charge is available if a Conext Battery Monitor is installed.
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