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MPPT60-150 or MPPT80-600 will not turn on

MPPT60-150 or MPPT80-600 SCC will not come on, and/or will show the F11 fault on the System Control Panel.
In some cases the XW Inverter will also not come on

Product Line:
MPPT60-150 and MPPT80-600 Solar Charge Controllers

Off grid, no other charging sources available

Check battery voltage. The low battery faults will occur when the battery voltage is below the following range.

MPPT 60 - 150
Nominal Battery Voltage Fault Voltage Fault Clear Voltage
12V 8V 10V
24V 16V 18V
48V 32V 36V

Nominal Battery Voltage Fault Voltage Fault Clear Voltage
24V 18V 19V
48V 36V 38V

If the batteries are below these nominals,
you will need to introduce an external charger to charge up the battery bank. Once battery voltage is at least the nominal value, The MPPT can then be called upon to throttle the voltage up to bulk or initiate an equalize.  For the MPPT60-150, the battery voltage needs to be at the clear level for 2 seconds;  however, the MPPT80-600 only needs to be at the threshold for 1 second.  These faults can also be attempt to clear manually except if the battery voltage is still below the minimum operating voltage for the MPPT60, 10V.

The batteries could have potentially been left unattended or not charge for a long time.  Consecutive days or weeks with bad weather could cause the batteries to drain that low.
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