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Inverter shut down before generator starts


XW6048 shuts down on F48 before AGS start the generator


Off-grid installation with an XW and an AGS.

Product Line:

Xantrex XW, Conext XW+, Conext AGS, Conext SW


There are a few things that can be done in this situation.
1. In the AGS, set Start DCV 30 sec higher than the Low Battery Cut Out.  The current default for both is 44.0V (XW+) and 44.5V (AGS) for a 48V system.
2. In the XW+, increase the LBCO Delay setting.  This setting defines how long the battery voltage has to be at the Low Battery Cut Out before the inverter will fault.  The default is only 10 seconds.


Once the inverter hits the F.48 fault (Low Battery Voltage), then it will remain in a fault mode until the battery voltage clears the LBCO + LBCO Hysteresis.  Until then, all of the inverter operations are suspended due to the fault.
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