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Replacement LED for C Series charge controllers

Sometimes the LED for the C Series will get lost or broken. It is possible to replace it with an off -the-shelf solution.

Product Line:
C Series solar charge controllers

Installation with C Series charge controller missing LED

To replace the LED, the following part can be ordered (from distributors like RadioShack):

5mm Red/Green LED 

Model: 276-012 
Catalog #: 276-012

When installing the new LED, you will note that the lip of the lens is not entirely round. It has a flat side to it. This side goes to the left when installing it. If it gets put in backwards, it will not damage anything; it just shows the opposite color.

Alternatively, if the above is not available, here are other generic manufacturer part numbers:
Description: LED White 3/4 T1, Bipolar Red/Green
For Rohm brand - LTL298VJ
For Kingbright brand - LS7EGW

No information on LED in manual for device
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