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Are test reports available for circuit breakers ordered without one? What documentation can be provided?

Product Line:
All MCCB's


Test reports are supplied with ANSI certified circuit breakers.

Test reports for Powerpact P and R frame circuit breakers, and Masterpact NT and NW breakers are on file and may be provided if the customer supplies the serial number.  To obtain the report, the distributor must call Customer Service in Cedar Rapids (1-319-369-6565).  There May be a charge for providing these reports. 

Test reports are not available for Powerpact H, J, or L circuit breakers even with serial numbers.  For them, and for all other breakers, if not specified at the time of order, the report simply does not exist.  

Concerning documentation of factory testing on breakers without a test report:
Circuit breakers are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the listing marks they bear (UL, IEC, etc.) and to perform according to the published trip curves.  Information as to which standards they are certified to can be found in the Digest, pricing guides, or product catalogs.
Limited testing is done as part of the production process but the specifics will vary from breaker to breaker. Except as noted above, Schneider Electric can provide no specific or general documentation for factory testing. 
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