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What is the padlock attachment for Powerpact R frame circuit breakers?

What is the padlock attachment for the Powerpact R Frame breakers

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Powerpact R frame

Need to place a padlock on the Powerpact R Frame breaker in order to restrict the operation of the breaker.

Removable (lock OFF only) - S33996
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Fixed (Lock OFF or ON) - S32631
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Fixed (Lock OFF only) - MPRPAF
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Instruction Bulletin

Removable Padlock Attachment for R-frame and NS1600b-NS3200 Circuit Breakers

MPRPAF and S32631 Fixed Padlock Attachment Kits (S32631–ON/OFF orMPRPAF–OFF Only) for PowerPact™ L, M-, P-, and R-Frame and Compact™ NS630b–NS320 Circuit Breakers

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