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How to establish communications between a SEPAM ACE969 module and a G3200 gateway

Establishing communication connection between ACE969 and G3200

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The ACE969 communications module only supports 2-wire RS485 communications while the G3200 may communication with either 2-wire or 4-wire RS-485 connections. The ACE969 module has terminal A and B while the G3200 has terminals TX+(1), TX-(2), RX+(3), RX-(4) and shield(5). The shielding wire must only be connected at one end of the daisy chain. Also on the G3200 are 6 dip switches. In order to properly establish communications between the ACE969 and the G3200 the wiring, dip switches, and programming must be correct.

Terminal A on the ACE969 connects to terminal TX- (2) on the G3200
Terminal B on the ACE969 connects to terminal TX+(1) on the G3200
The 6 dip switches must be configured to allow for 2 wire communications and are arranged as follows:
1 = Off
2 = On
3 = On
4 = On
5 = On
6 = On

Also one must log into the G3200 to configure the programming for 2-wire. To log into the G3200, open Internet Explorer and enter the IP address into the URL bar.
The default IP parameters are as follows:

Username = Administrator
Password = G3200

Once logged into the G3200 click on Setup > Serial Port. This is where the programmable communication parameters are set the physical interface to RS-485 2-wire. The default baud rate for the ACE969 is 19200 and the default parity is even. These parameters are adjustable from within the SEPAM software SFT2841.
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