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How can one add two QOB360 or similar amp breakers across from each other in an old NQOB panel using the hex head standoffs in a SK5668 kit ?

Adding 3p breakers to an NQOB using the SK5668 kit

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The kit has A, B and C phase connectors and screws and the A & C are symmetric.  The latest version with hex head B phase connectors is very difficult to install if not impossible.  Due to the close proximity of the plastic insulators on either side of the connectors, there is no room for a wrench or nut driver. 

Perhaps by inserting a screw into the top of each B phase connector, they can be slowly driven into position.  Turn one hex head standoff 1/4 turn, then the other 1/4 turn, and repeat the process until they are both tight.  Then install both breakers together.  Here are the directions written on the envelope of the SK5668: 
Replacing the interior with an NQ in the existing box or a complete panel changeout to a new NQ package is most likely the best choice.  Another option is to find an old SK5668 with round standoffs.

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