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How many spaces does the new Surgelogic/SurgeLoc Branch mounted SPD take up in a Panelboard

How many pole spaces does the New Surgelogic/Surge Loc  Branch mounted SPD take up in a Panelboard ?

Product Line:
TVSS / NQ Panelboards

New space saving branch mounted SPD device saves on box size height for integral mounting in the Panels

Integral TVSS devices required up to 18" in extra height to install, but the SurgeLoc SPD does not require additional enclosure height to mount.

The Surgelogic SPD requires 12 single pole spaces , 6 on each side, in NQ Panelboard interiors . Since 42 circuit and 54 circuit interiors require the same box size , ordering a the 54 circuit interior allows you to keep the 42 circuits and have the branch mounted SPD taking the remaining 12 spaces. This allows the original 42 circuit amount of branch breakers needed as well as the integrated Surgelogic TVSS SPD Device to be mounted in the same height box.


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