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Seeking Clipsal product that is not carried in the United States supplied by Intrec

A United States customer is seeking a product from one of the Clipsal product lines other than C-Bus.  These product lines might include Epic, Ulti, Zencelo, Vivace, E-2000 Series, E-Series, ESM, Allied Accessories, Infrascan, Floor Boxes and Busways, CEE17 Series, 56 Series, or any other Clipsal Product line not typically distributed in the United States.

Product Line:
Clipsal Products

Clipsal Products

Schneider Electric USA only distributes the C-Bus line of Clipsal Products.   Due to differences in electrical codes and overlap with other Schneider Electric products, the other Clipsal devices are not distributed in the USA.   

Intrec Services LLC is an authorized importer of Clipsal products that are not normally distributed by Schneider Electric USA.   Contact Intrec to submit your order.

Intrec Services, LLC
191 University Blvd. #850
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 858-674-2543 (Rosalind Koepke)
858-674-2555 (Charlene)

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