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8839 EFD... is an invalid part #. Also 8839 MFD... 8839 SFD... 8638 48U... 8639 48U... 8639 22U...8839 CPD... 8930 IFD... SFD212...

The part number does not come up as a good part number in Q2C.

Product Line:  
EFlex, MFlex, SFlex with non-standard Mods, Enclosed Drives, Enclosed Softstarts, Field Drive 


These are custom packages that are Engineered to Order (ETO)

This is a custom built Drive (or Softstart) panel with many options for voltage, horsepower, enclosure type, option cards, etc.  The part number must be built in a software tool designed to ensure the requested options are compatible. 
Schneider Electric's Electrical, Automation and Control Distributors should have access to E-Way Quote Management (EQM) and can build the part number in the Product Selector tool.  If there are questions on this tool, the distributor should contact their local Field office for assistance.
Schneider Electric Buildings offices and Reseller/partners should request assistance through their sales/support channel.
End users, contractors and other customers need to contact one of our distributors or reseller/partners for assistance.

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