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Video: Why would the ATV21 and ATV212 drives be showing OFF on the display?

Why would the ATV21 and ATV212 drives be showing OFF on the display?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


Run permissive is not active


"OFF" on the integral display or "OFF: Drive stop" on the LCD keypad indicates that the VFD does not have an active run permissive.
The ATV21/212 factory default has F110=1, always active run permissive.  If F110 and F108 are assigned to functions that do not include run permissive, then the run permissive needs to come from a logic input ( F, R, RES, VIA ).

For troubleshooting, look at assignments for:
F111 input F
F112 input R
F113 input RES
F118 input VIA when F109=1 or 2
The one that includes run permissive ( assignments 1, 54, 56, 57, 66-71 ) needs the corresponding input status to be evaluated.

In an S-Flex arrangement, the run permissive is assigned to input R.  Review the appropriate wiring diagram to trace out the circuit.

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