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What is the maximum control voltage and logic input voltage for the ATS22....S6U soft starters?

What is the max control voltage and logic input voltage for the ATS22....S6U soft starters?

Product Line:
Altistart ATS22

S6U suffix only

Control voltage and logic input max voltages allowed.

ATS22 was designed and qualified for the standard NEMA range, which is: 103.5 ... 126.5V AC.

The allowed voltage on ATS22•••S6U control terminals (input CL1 and CL2) is from the range: 93.5V ... 126.5V, 50/60 Hz.
Warning: 121V is a mistake - documentation will be corrected and the correct value 126.5V will be present.
This is the status quo - ATS22 covers just standard NEMA range.

So, today, if your customer expects higher voltage than 126.5V he should use transformer reducing the voltage.

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