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NQ main lugs only panelboard labels are upside down

Installation, Labeling

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UL 67, UL 50, CSA C22.2 No.'s 20-M1989 & 94-M91, NEMA PB1, NFPA 70 Art. 408, Federal Specification W-P-115C Type 1 Class 1 , 2003 IBC, NFPA 5000, ASCE/SE17

A change in direction of feed for NQ main lugs only panelboards may result in upside down labels.

There are three labels on the dead front of an NQ main lugs only panelboard. 

There is a blue identifying NQ label, which is affixed to the branch breaker portion of the dead front.  Although this label cannot be removed, the branch breaker portion of the dead front is fully symmetrical, and it can be disassembled from the adjacent dead front components to which it is attached, rotated and then reattached so that the blue identifying label is right-side-up and readable. 

The other two labels, the Danger and Warning labels, are affixed to the main lug cover portion of the dead front.  The Danger and Warning labels are pre-attached in all ready-to-install interiors so that they are readable/right-side-up when the interior is oriented for bottom feed.  Although the ready-to-install interior (and any factory assembled interior configured for bottom feed) may be inverted in the field for top feed, these two labels will then be upside down.  Replacement labels can be obtained at no charge upon request by providing a valid postal address (street address or P. O. Box) and the quantity of each desired.  They will mail from our Peru, IN manufacturing location.
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