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Video: How do I setup Vijeo Design'Air in Vijeo Designer?

This quick setup guide is to help Customers setting up Vijeo Design'Air in Vijeo Designer.

Setting up Vijeo DesignAir Server:

1. In Vijeo Designer Navigator window's Project tab, click the Target node.

2. In the Property Inspector, expand the Remote Management node.

3. Define the Remote Management property settings as described in the following table:

Property Description
Target Discovery Select Enabled so the Vijeo Design'Air client can detect the target machine (the server) on the network.
Vijeo Design'Air Select Enabled to allow the Vijeo Design'Air client access to the target machine (the server).

4. Define the security settings for the Vijeo Design'Air server. For more information, see Section, Vijeo Design'Air Server Security.

  • note: If you do opt-out enabling Security, you will get a popup dialog window to accept responsibility:
    • Check the box I understand and accept responsibility regarding use of this functionality and select OK.

    5. Save and validate the project.

    6. Download the project to the target machine. The server, downloaded to the target machine as part of Vijeo Designer Runtime files, runs when the target machine starts up.

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