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How do you cross a KAL style Mag-Gard breaker to Powerpact?

What is the Powerpact equivalent to an KAL, KAP, or KAF style Mag-Gard MCP (motor circuit protector)?

Product Line:
Legacy KAL type circuit breakers

KA type Mag-Gard circuit breakers (motor circuit protectors) can be replaced by Powerpact MCP's, but there are some important differences.  These two families of breakers have different dimensions, connection points, and accessories.  Because of this, the equipment they are in will usually require some medication and in some cases replacement of the equipment wall be necessary.  Please see attached for the different dimensions.
The best cross for Legacy KA type MCP to Powerpact MCP are as follows:
Legacy Powerpact
KAL3615026M HJL36150M74
KAL3625021M JJL36250M75
KAL3625022M JJL36250M75
KAL3625025M JJL36250M75
KAL3625026M JJL36250M75
KAL3625029M JJL36250M75
KAL3625030M JJL36250M75
KAL3625031M JJL36250M75
KAL3625032M JJL36250M75
KAL3625033M JJL36250M75

KAP  . . . crosses to JJP . . . or HJP . . .
KAP . . . MT crosses to JJM . . . or HJM . . .
KAF  . . . crosses to JJF . . . or HJF . . .
Other suffixes must be decoded using available literature or technical support line.
Existing handle operators will not work on the replacement breakers.  For MCC applications a new bucket will be required.
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