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Ask a Question is not working. Device data can not update. Setpoints can't change.

The web portal,, is unresponsive to actions such as taking a reading, switching a load on/off, or adjusting temperature.   
Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System

Communication errors may be due to internet connection problems.
1.  Confirm that the gateway has power by checking the device status lights.
2.  Confirm that the gateway has an active Ethernet connection.  The Ethernet status light on the EER21200 Gateway should be illuminated green.  Check that your internet connection is working by plugging a laptop computer into the same internet router and make sure that the laptop is able to access the internet.
3.  Ensure that Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) is enabled, and that your router or internet access point permits outbound connections on ports 3197 and 3199.
4.  Tech Support can escalate the case to Schneider Electric engineering.  Engineering may have advanced tools to check communication status of the devices.  
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