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How to Connect to a MB+ network with PW NXT on a remote PC using a MBX Gateway?

Connecting Using the MBX Gateway Driver

Facts and Changes

MBX Driver Suite v6.0, PW NXT

Causes and Fixes

Note: For information on how to setup the MBX Gateway Client and Server see the resolution entitled "How to connect remotely to a MB+ network via TCP/IP using the MBX Gateway driver".
To Connect to a MB+ Network with PW NXT from a remote PC via the MBX Gateway you must chose the Adapter/Device number of the MBX Gateway Client in the Communication Setup.
First under the Controller menu chose Communication Setup.

Next under Modbus Plus chose the Adapter number of the MBX Gateway Client and hit OK.

Now just select the MB+ address of the PLC you wish to connect to under Select Device and connect.

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