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How to Monitor a MB+ network with MBPstat on a remote PC using a MBX Gateway?

Goals and Symptoms

Connecting Using the MBX Gateway Driver

Facts and Changes

MBX Driver Suite v6.0

Causes and Fixes

Note: For information on how to setup the MBX Gateway Client and Server see the resolution entitled "How to connect remotely to a MB+ network via TCP/IP using the MBX Gateway driver".
In order to Monitor the MB+ Network with MBPstat from a remote PC via the MBX Gateway you must chose the Adapter/Device number of the MBX Gateway Client.
To do this first run MBPstat.

Next type in the Adapter/Device number of the MBX Gateway Client (in this case 1) and hit enter.
Note: This is set during the MBX Gateway Client configuration.

If there is a successful connection to the MBX Gateway Server then the MB+ node address of the Server PC will be identified.
Next for the Routing path chose 0 and hit enter.

Now select option 2 Monitor Network Activity to display the MB+ network connected to the MBX Gateway Sever PC.

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