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How to transfer descriptors between two ProWORX NxT databases.

Goals and Symptoms

To copy the descriptor contents from one ProWORX NxT database into another database.

Causes and Fixes

Open the ProWORX NxT source database from which you want to copy the descriptor information. Go to "File', "Utilities", "Import/Export". This will launch the NxT Import/Export Utilities window. Select the 'Export' option and the 'ProWORX/ASCII .FIL file' as your File Type.

Click on the 'Start' button. This will create an *.FIL file with the descriptor information. The *.FIL file will also contain the short comments and network page titles. The default name and location of the file will be the same as the source project, this can be altered before generating the file if you would like.

Open the ProWORX NxT target database in which you want to paste the descriptor information. Once again, launch the NxT Import/Export Utilities window. This time select the 'Import' option. Select the "File Type" as 'ProWORX/ASCII (.FIL)'. Next click on the "Browse" button and select the *.FIL that you created from the source NxT database.

You now have three options to choose from:
---To add imported descriptors to the database without changing its existing descriptors, select the 'Add Imported Descriptor To Database' option.
---To overlay the database's existing descriptors with new ones from the imported file, select the 'Overlay Imported Descriptors' option. Empty fields in the imported file will not erase descriptors in the open database.
---To erase all descriptors from the database and use only the ones from the imported file, select the 'Create New Database Using Imported Descriptors' option.

If you select the last option 'Create New Database Using Imported Descriptors', NxT will show a 'Message' window for Rebuilding Database. Click on the 'OK' button.

The documentation transfer from the *.FIL file will now be complete.

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