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Assigning an IP Address to a Quantum NOE module in ProWORX Nxt

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to illustrate all the steps necessary to assign an IP address to a Quantum NOE in Proworx Nxt

Causes and Fixes

Assigning an IP address in Proworx Nxt requires the following steps:
From the Configuration menu choose Configuration
Then on the configuration menu, you will need to put a value in for Config Extension Size
Once there is a value listed for Conf Extension Size, choose the Config Extension menu
In the window that pops up click on Add Extension
In the window that appears, click TCP/IP then click on the OK button
To see the screen for the configuration extension that was just created, click on the config extension in the tree to the left of the screen
In this screen you will see the card number which indicates if it is the first, second, etc. Ethernet module configured.
The Head number which is the slot that the card is located in, in the backplane.
The network information is then entered in the appropriate fields Internet address for IP Address, Sub-Network Mask, and Gateway address if a gateway is being used. The gateway can be left at if there is no gateway in use.
The last field allows you to choose the appropriate Framing Type for your network:

Below you will see that you also have the option to use a BOOTP or DHCP server by clicking the radial button, this causes the Configuration extension information to be disregarded and it is then greyed out in the Configuration extension screen.
This will allow your Ethernet module to be assigned an IP Address by a server on the network.

Once this configuration extension is created and the configuration is written to the controller, the Ethernet module will assume the given IP Address, or in the case of a BOOTP/DHCP server it will be waiting for IP Address assignment.

NOTE: Depending on the model and state of the NOE module you may have to power cycle the NOE module so it will take the new configuration.

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