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Why can't I connect to a Lexium 32 with SoMove via Ethernet?

Goals and Symptoms

Users of SoMove Lite may have trouble connecting to a Lexium 32 drive with via Ethernet.
This is commonly due to incorrect connection settings in SoMove causing the connection failure to a Lexium 32 drive via Ethernet.
This simple resolution was created to aid in entering the correct connection settings.

Causes and Fixes

Launch SoMove Lite and then Select Edit Connection

Select Modbus TCP and then the Advanced button

Select Scan tab and enter the correct IP address of the LXM32 drive into the Target-Network field.
Next choose single and enter the last 3 digits of the LXM32 IP address into the box just right of Single

Click Apply and OK
Now click OK on the Edit Connection Window to close the connection editor.
Now you should be able to connect to the LXM32 via Ethernet.

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