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Video: What is the difference in the AL175JD and the AL250JD lug kits, and how many lugs are included?

The AL175JD and AL250JD lugs kits appear very similar to each other. The following explains the difference.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

PowerPact J frame lug kits AL175JD and AL250JD

Both lug kits, AL175JD and AL250JD, include 3 lugs each. The lugs actually use the same lug body, but have different length wire binding screws to accomodate different sizes of wire.
-The lugs in the AL175JD have a longer wire binding screw to allow use of a smaller wire range of #4-4/0 Al/Cu. This longer wire binding screw has a BLUE TOP SURFACE.
-The lugs in the AL250JD have a shorter wire binding screw to allow use of a larger wire range of #3/0-350 Al/Cu. The shorter wire binding screw does NOT have a blue top surface.
In situations in which an AL250JD is required to be used with smaller wires, the longer blue-top wire binding screws can be ordered separately using the following part numbers.
S1A59551 (3 longer blue-top wire binding screws)
S1A59552 (6 longer blue-top wire binding screws)

The following video discusses the differences between the lug kits, highlighting the size difference between each type of binding screw:

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