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When do I need to test my isolated power system?

Product Line:
Hospital Isolated Power Systems
NFPA 99, NEC517.160
Check with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for specific guidelines for your area. It is recommended that a “Periodic Testing/Maintenance Program" be instituted on the Isolated Power Systems (IPS) based on the test procedures stated in NFPA 99. This program should be implemented in the Hospital's "Utility System Management Plan" to satisfy the requirements of JCAHO’s (The Joint Commision) Environment of Care (EC.02.05.01 and EC.02.05.05). The program should include the following:
1. Date of original installation
2. Date of any enhancements and/or upgrades
3. Maintenance history of ongoing Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs) including any:
    - incidents of patients harmed
    - equipment failures
    - repair work via work order
    - preventive maintenance test data (this document)

Tier I: (Annually)
- Line-to-Ground fault simulations
-Bi-Annual for Analog LIMs
- Calibration check of LIMs
- Bi-Annual for Analog LIMs
- Verification of associated remote indicator alarms
- Receptacle retention force test.
- Electronic Report

Tier II: (Recommended every 3-5 years or after system repairs/renovations) Tier I plus
- Measurement/Calculation of individual circuit and system impedance(s) (leakage currents)
- Equipotential ground system testing
NOTE: Analog LIMs
On a monthly basis, facility personnel should depress the Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) test buttons to assure proper functionality of the audible alarms and visual indicators.
Additionally, meters should be observed for proper response and alarm Mute/Silence functions should be verified.
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