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Are the new Powerpact I Line breakers securely mounted when the mounting foot screw falls into the slot next to the hole that was used with the Legacy breakers, FA,KA?

Are the mounting foot screws for Powerpact I-Line breakers (H, J and L-frame) supposed to thread into the same holes in the back of the panelboard interior as the older (obsolete) circuit breakers?

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Applies to I-line versons of Powerpact H-frame, J-frame, and L-frame circuit breakers

In the past, some I-line circuit breaker retaining screws threaded into a rectangular opening of the interior (e.g. FA, KA, LA circuit breaker). However for some of the newer circuit breakers (H, J, L), the retaining screw actually threads into the elongated teardrop-shaped opening. Is this correct? Is it designed and tested in this manner?

Due to the difference in breaker length from the Legacy breaker to the Powerpact, the mounting foot screw (retaining screw) treads into a different opening than the older circuit breakers. This is designed in this manner, and the panelboard with breakers, has been tested. The purpose of the retaining screw is to keep the breaker from being pulled away from the bus. When the installation is complete, with the breaker in place and the panelboard deadfront trim installed, the breaker will be properly mounted as designed.

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