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Is a mechanical interlock available for LC, LI, LX or LE circuit breakers? What about a "walking beam" interlock?

For LC, LI, LX or LE circuit breakers, is there a mechanical interlock that ties two breakers together in such as way as to ensure that only one breaker can be closed (turned ON) at a time?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to breakers with catalog numbers beginning with the letters LC, LI, LX, or LE.

Some applications may require two breakers to be tied together in such as way that only one breaker can be closed at a time. An example of an application where a building has a utility feed, and a backup generator feed, and only one feed should be used at any given time. 

The LC, LI, LX and LE circuit breakers do not have a mechanical interlock available. This includes what has been referred to as a "walking beam" interlock. 
Schneider Electric does, however, offer many other types of breakers that CAN be interlocked, depending on the particular application. The choice of breaker and interlock would be influenced by the application, the amp rating required, the type of equipment that would house the breaker, and other factors. Contact your local Schneider Electric authorized distributor, or your local Schneider Electric Field Office for assistance.
(Important note: The mechanical interlock methods for Powerpact LD, LG, LJ, LL or LR circuit breakers will NOT work with LC, LI, LX or LE circuit breakers.)
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