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What are dimensions for Altivar 71 frame size 8?

What are the dimensions for Altivar 71?
480V, 60-100HP
575V, 40-100HP

Product Line:
Altivar 71,  ATV71

ATV71HD45N4,  ATV71HD55N4,  ATV71HD75N4,  ATV71HD37Y, ATV71HD45Y, ATV71HD55Y, ATV71HD75Y,  ATV71D90Y

Product dimensions

Width  320mm (12.60 in)
Height  630mm (24.80 in)

Depth depends on the number of options cards installed.  Up to two option cards can be installed on the drive.
No option card - Depth   290mm (11.42 in)
1 option card -    Depth   313mm (12.32 in)
2 option cards -  Depth   334mm (13.15 in)

If the graphic display terminal is removed, the depth is reduced by 26mm (1.01 in). 
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