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What is the spacer/ divider , Z shaped bar that goes with trench duct part number RSV183100120 ?

What is the spacer bar (support) that needs to be ordered for the 3" and 4" in deep trench duct?

Product Line:
Trench Duct/ Wireway

Support of the 3" and 4" depth Trench Duct over 17" wide

There is no listing for the support posts for 3 and 4 inch deep trench duct in the Digest and only the RSP60 posts are listed for 2 3/8" 3 3/8"deep Trench duct over 17" wide.

Z dividers are used for the 3"and 4" depth Trench duct , RSP60 support rods are not available for the extra depth Trench Duct.  RZD603 P/N is for the Z partitions. They come in 5 ft length pieces, so for 10ft piece , 2 would be required.

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