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RSV183100120 - What is the spacer bar that goes with this trench duct?

What is the spacer bar (support) that needs to be ordered for the 3" and 4" in deep trench duct?

Product Line:
Trench Duct/ Wireway

Support of the 3" and 4" depth Trench Duct over 17" wide

There is no listing for the support posts for 3 and 4 inch deep trench duct in the Digest and only the RSP60 posts are listed for 2 3/8" 3 3/8"deep Trench duct over 17" wide.

Z dividers are used for the 3"and 4" depth Trench duct , RSP60 support rods are not available for the extra depth. P/N is RZD603 for the Z partitions. They come in 5 ft length pieces

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