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What is the difference between QO load centers and NQ panelboards?

Differences between load centers and panelboards.

Product Line:
QO Load Centers, NQ Panelboards


Clarifying design features

A QO load center is a panelboard. Both QO load centers and NQ panel boards are tested to the same test parameters outlined in UL67. Some of the functional differences may include:
QO load centers are merchandised products. NQ can be factory assembled to custom specifications, as well as mechandised. 
QO indoor load center enclosures are 14.25" W x 3.75" D. NQ NEMA 1 panelboard enclosures are is 20"W x 5.75" D, with other widths and depths available.
QO load center enclosures are painted cold rolled steel (NEMA Type 1) or painted galvannealled steel (NEMA Type 3R). NQ panelboard enclosures are unpainted hot zinc dipped galvanized steel (NEMA 1), painted phosphatized steel (NEMA 3R/5/12), or stainless steel or fiberglass (NEMA 4X).
For NEMA 1 enclosures, QO trims show the mounting screws and use a raised door latch with optional lock. NQ trims are monoflat with no exposed screws and a recessed handle lock. Hinged trims that offer a hinged cover over the breaker wiring in addition to the one over the breaker handles are also available for NQ.
NQ accepts both plug-on and bolt-on breakers. QO accepts plug-on only.
NQ panelboards are generally considered to be for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.  The QO load center is primarily targeted for the residential, light commercial, and light industrial marketplaces.
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