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Masterpact MP interrupting ratings: What are the differences between model numbers?

Masterpact MP interrupting ratings.  What are the differences between model numbers?

Product Line:
Masterpact MP MC and MS

Masterpact MP technical catalog 0631CT9501R11/9

Product differentiation

The interrupting ratings are in the attached .pdf   (page 2 of Masterpact MP technical catalog 0631CT9501R11/9)

The difference between model numbers is the amperage and interrupting rating.  See page 2 of Masterpact MP technical catalog 0631CT9501.  This complete catalog can be found in the Schneider Electric Technical Library. 

Model number prefix definition:
MP  UL489 listed version labeled Merlin Gerin
MC  ANSI/UL1066 version  labeled Merlin Gerin
MS  a Square D labeled version
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