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How is enclosure size determined for Panelboards?

What are the determining factors for Panelboard enclosure size?

Product Line:
NQ, NF, I Line Panelboards

In selecting various voltage Panelboards, often times, enclosure size restrictions apply. Variances for smaller enclosure footprint is usually desired , but restrictions are met with availability problems.

With space restrictions and more load capacity, a smaller load capacity is usually experienced with space restricted due to Engineering standardize,  NEC , UL.

Our Panelboard enclosures meet and exceed (in a positive manner) the requirements dictated within UL standards 50 and 67. There are specific requirements within those two standards concerning wire bending space, heat rise, metal thickness, hinge placement, and short circuit conditions that combine to help dictate much of the construction configurations we adhere to. Then depending on the customer's needs our continual plan is to design and provide UL qualified equipment in the most efficient configuration including enclosure size.
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